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Will a Roofing Company Know What a Standing Seam Is?

Most commercial buildings have standing seam roofing, this is due to its durability and simple instalment. A correctly installed standing seam roof will usually outlive other kinds of roofing materials. An extra advantage of standing seam roofing on commercial buildings is the choice of numerous different colors and the design which can be made of a roof, enabling a business to showcase its company’s colors within the building’s appearance. In windy or harsh regions, a standing seam roof will perform better than most other kinds of roofing by standing up to the likes of ice and wind much better than standard rubber or shingled roofs.

Several modern residential homes feature this type of roof, it provides a more retro look. A standing seam roof resembles the kind of roofing seen in 18th century. However, unlike asphalt shingles, the metal panels will not rot or blow off in severe storms. The odd repainting to cover up any scratches or damage done to the finish ensure the roof will remain in good working order for years or even decades. While earlier panels were made from tin, modern ones are made from higher grade materials, offering a more durable product.

To install metal roofing over a roof made from plywood, a roofing company first needs to apply a tar or felt barrier between the plywood and metal. After rolling it out and stapling it down, the next thing to do is placing the first metal panel. The panels are connected by snapping the edges into clips, then screwing it onto the roof. Another one is then placed next to it and snapped into place by locking it to the other panel. A metal cover snaps over the the two standing seams, and the mounting clips of the metal panels, this will stop water from leaking through.

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