Want to Ensure Your Roof Is 100% Leak Proof?

What Exactly Is Membrane Roofing?

Membrane roofing is a system which is made to reduce leaks and pooling that are linked to other roof materials. This system is slowly taking over the more traditional asphalt roof, which can be seen on most businesses and residential homes. It is usually installed on roofs which are flat or only have a slight pitch. There are three kinds of membrane systems, these are thermoset, thermoplastic, and modified bitumen.

With a thermoset one, layers of rubber will be installed across the entire surface, making sure that their seams overlap. The seams will then be heated, which causes the rubber to melt. Because of the rubber used, the heat makes the sheets create a chemical bond, thus ensuring they are strong. The rubber can be anywhere from 1.14 to 1.52 mm, which makes them almost impenetrable when it comes to leaks.

Thermoplastic systems are very similar to thermoset ones; however, they are made up of PVC or similar materials. The PVC sheets do not bond when heated. They do create tight seals which prevents water from seeping into the seams. These are not as expensive as thermoset systems, but they will need frequent maintenance and repairs.

Modified bitumen is the cheapest of all the membrane roofing systems and the most commonly used on residential homes. Rubber compounds are added to the asphalt compounds, which are then heated up using a torch, so they melt to create a tight seal over a roof. New modified ones are installed without the need for heating. The asphalt and rubber compounds are placed onto the sheets when still in the factory, which the installer will lay the self adhesive sheets on a roof, overlapping the seams in order to make a watertight seal.

There are several advantages when using membrane systems, instead of traditional materials. A standard asphalt roof is known to leak simply because of its construction. Seams are not sealed, and water will creep into a home. Membrane systems, though, are almost seamless, thus leading to less leaks.

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